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We’re a team of passionate coders, designers, marketers, artists and creatives. Simplicity, innovation, and care for user experience is what makes our DNA unique.


Provides Wide Range of Features

Do Work, Handsfree

Execute Entire Workflow Handfree on the Glass

Voice Recognition

Execute Voice Instructions Multilingual support

Video Stream

Workflow Recording 2-way Video Streaming

Image Recognition

Object & Shape Identification Issue Detection

Gesture Control

Use Built-In Gesture Sensor to Control Workflows

Augmented Reality

Augment Your View Get More Info at Eye Level

Knowledge Repo Integration

Integrates with KM Systems Secure Content Delivery

Text Messages & Annotation

Send Text Messgaes & Annotation in Noisy Environment

See what I see

Share Field View with 2 way Audio/Video with Remote Experts


Research & Development


AR handsfree warehouse picking solution


AR handsfree quality inspection solution


AR remote assistance solution


AR electronic work instruction solution

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a dream come true

  • MARCH 2015 - JUNE 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    It began with pen and paper, markers and whiteboard and tons of closed room discussions. We had an idea – debated, validated, challenge was to figure out what problems could it solve. Lot of research, market analysis, competitions, enterprise customer voices lead us to hands-free Solutions. By now we had a fair idea about “what”, and the next challenge was “how”.

  • JULY 2015 - SEPT 2015

    A Product Is Born

    Base technology stack was identified, followed by vendor selection for the Smart Glass. Vuzix M100 topped the list and was chosen as THE way to deliver hands-free experience. A picture is worth a thousand words, similarly a working demo is worth a thousand presentations. Very initial, basic, still fully functional product demos were built for Warehouse Picking and Remote Service use cases. And a product was born !

  • OCT 2015-DEC 2015

    Champion Customers Targeted

    Handful of Techno-savvy were identified and through several discussions, face-to-face presentations and live demos globally, a few were handpicked to be Champion Customers in their region and business domain. We partnered with early adopters of this futuristic technology and grew our network. The live demos forced the stake holders and technology drivers at Customers’ to think, resulting in more use cases to be identified.

  • JAN 2016-APR 2016

    Journey From Product To Platform

    Thought of making this BIG was seeded and we went back in to the discussion rooms. The idea was to make this a platform and build a suite of products to fully cater selected business domains – Warehouse & Logistics, Pharma and Oil & Gas. A scalable, lightweight, versatile, secure and robust platform was architected. The platform was planned to build host of solutions in near future. Service oriented component architecture on Android as well as Mediator side was built and platform was named WorkWear 1.0

  • MAY 2016 – Dec 2016

    Our First Customer Proof Of Concepts Accomplished

    Several discussions were in very advanced stages, but Pfizer, USA picked this up first and the idea finally was going to see the day of light. Pfizer chose their PO Receipt Label Printing process to be the first to be transformed and we did it together ! The very first POC was a great success ! GSL, Dubai followed Pfizer, to augment their Picking process with WorkWear. Another Proof Of Concept delivered successfully. Discussions underway to promote both the POCs to Production. Meanwhile through several upgradations, a more mature WorkWear 2.0 now released that promises easy to build more use cases, products and allows easy extension of the platform itself.

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We’re a team of passionate coders, designers, marketers, artists and creatives.






Simplicity, innovation, and care for user experience is what makes our DNA unique. After serving our clients spread across the globe, we’re offering products to make lives of enthusiasts better.







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